Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Block Glasshouse - who is that woman Dee from the Block

Sorry my soap box again   - but seriously who is that woman!!

I have a wee bit of an aversion to the Block lately - the whining that goes on - and last night was at an all time high!!

Dee - you are not saving the world, you have not found a cure for cancer, you are not feeding the starving or helping those who are suffering - you have gone onto this show to make money and have your 15 minutes of fame so get over yourself and here's a tip before you rant and rave - just remember you have young children and they have friends. So perhaps before you rage on national TV you might want to think about what you are saying.

Oh and I guess there will be some magazine exclusive - you know the one where Dee will defend herself and say it was all taken out of context she is not like that blah blah blah-  well no sympathy from me  - we all now know how reality TV shows work and what they need for ratings so Dee just grow up!!

(Okay that is off my chest - letting it go!)

Ovens and more than one was obviously the theme of the day  - and I do have butler's pantry envy  - here are a few pic's of the kitchens including Dee's ' ...I have a design eye.." but can't quite get m kitchen cupboards to fully open.... 

(All pic's  below from here

Michael and Carlene delivered a near perfect kitchen, according to the judges.

Neale said he never expected to love a black kitchen, but he did.

The butler's pantry was an exciting addition to the kitchen and helped the pair tie for first place with Shannon and Simon.

Shaynna praised the timber wonder for it's balance between hard and soft.

Shaynna said their butler's pantry was so big it needed it's own postcode.

The judges were floored by the sheer size of Max and Karstan's kitchen.
Do agree with the judges that some wood to soften would be good - for me wooden floors and this would have been hard to beat!
Neale loved the cooktop placement in front of the big windows overlooking the street.

The judges were initially distracted and impressed by Shannon and Simon's shiny polished concrete floors.
Personally not a fan of the floral arrangement.
The judges were impressed again by Darren and Dee's parquetry floors.
Dee's kitchen  - do like it but the drawer does not open as it bangs against the rather large fridge drawer handle.
Shaynna said it felt like a contemporary kitchen that gave you a warm hug.

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