Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Color my day - PURPLE

Purple - one of the colours of the suffragettes - the colour symbolising dignity  - okay not sure how this actually applies to the use of purple in the interiors of your home - but perhaps what it could mean is that to use purple you are a strong and brave person  - like the use of most bold colours I could only use in small does - but these interior do tempt..

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Skillion Roofs

I was hoping that we could incorporate a skillion roof in our new home - but alas the budget won't stretch to this - given the other wants I have so for now I shall just have skillion roof eye candy I really like skillion roofs  - I think it has something to do with the clean lines they create.  The homes always seems to have a modern yet retro feel - there is something to me that is intrinsically calming about a home with a skillion roof...


Rivergums Skillion


Friday, March 25, 2011

Destination -London

I love London - not sure I could live there full-time - I think the cold winter would depress me  - but I love the fast pace of life, and the architecture - the mix of the old and new  - so where would I stay - I am not a fan of stuffy stays but if you could the Ritz would have to be high on the list  - 

Okay this if far to stuffy for me.
But a wee search of the net and I have found this gem - Naoroji St - how cool is this -  the decor is too cool for school, a view of the London eye  - I can picture myself now... 

Enjoy the weekend - we have an open air movie night at the kids school  - given the lingering hot weather we are having it will be a beautiful night!!  In fact I am wondering how we can incorporate a white wall in the outdoor area of the new house that will do double duty as a movie screen .. where there is a will..which brings me to tell you all the settlement for the block is today at 3pm - this is both exciting and stressful - for a while until we sell our house our mortgage will be extreme - but my chant is "short term pain long term gain". (and our first home open is tomorrow - thank goodness that I attacked most areas last weekend - just the fluffing around stuff to, last minute sweep and mop, beds made, scented candles..


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Colour my day - ORANGE

Retro, funky and modern  - the words that describes for me  interiors with orange - remember the days of the orange laminex kitchen - they still look pretty cool now (I think it was teaming it with the fake wood look that made it date)!!  I would not be brave enough to have a permanent fixture of orange -such as kitchen cupboards but punches of orange are pretty cool.

above via freshome


Monday, March 21, 2011

Living with - Bunting

There is something quaint and homely about bunting.  We have some coloured bunting adorning the kids playroom - every time I walk into the room I have a little smile - the other bonus is that the eye is drawn to the ceiling thus taking your eye away from the disaster that is at times the play room floor!!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

destination - Camperdown, NSW

Many of you may have seen this home in a not too long ago issue of Real Living (Aust) mag.   I am very settled and love living in Western Australia but should I be making a move to the other side of this land down under then destination Camperdown it would be  - but only if I could snag this home!!

Okay not perhaps the luxury destination that I have blogged about before but you have to admit this house is great - the furnishings, the dark floors the knick knacks  - the whole package!!

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We have a very very busy weekend - not in a social sense but our house goes on the market next week so the weekend is devoted to de-cluttering, cleaning out cupboards and generally getting the house spick and span ready to sell..ahh happy days

Enjoys you weekend and I hope you have something nice planned - we will certainly do the weekly walk along Cottesloe beach - love the view out to Rottnest and the kids relish the ice creams at the end of the walk.


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Oh my golly - soo soo close - we are due to settle on the new block in a matter of days - we have our house on the market and the first home open will be next weekend - but still so so so much to do  - we have plans being drawn up for the new house - so I am really excited to have a look see!!

And while I excite in the prospect of choosing fittings and fixtures in the forefront of my mind is the continuing devastation for those in Japan - the threat of the nuclear plants exploding - and when you put all that in place - it seems vacuous that I am worrying about kitchen colors!!!  

No I can't stop life going one but I am conscious that I need to cherish what I have, don't sweat the small stuff, stop to smell the roses and laugh, live and love each day!!

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My thoughts and prayers are with all those in Japan - as they try to build their lives after such devastation, to those who have lost loved ones, to those who have lost homes and to all those who are impacted by the earthquake.

It is difficult to really comprehend the magnitude of such devastation sitting safely at home. 

Certainly puts life into perspective.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

colour my day - Yellow

Oh mellow yellow - done well it can look brilliant  -but in the case of yellow  - less is more - subtle touches are the way to go.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Powder room

I have this theory - that you can tell the cleanliness of a place by how they keep the powder room!!!  So go into any restaurant, cafe, etc and check out their powder room - the opulence of the whole place or the feel of the place can be completely changed when you need to use the rest room and are greeted by ghetto style amenities!!!

So with that in mind and rather an insane topic if you really think about it  - I have grand plans that one day I shall have a rest room (why do they call it a rest room  - it is not like you actually have a little nap!!!) that is both opulent and sparkling - a place for a little bit of sanctuary while you attend to life's little necessities.

Via Elle Decor
Sotogrande house
seriously  - beyond explanation!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

destination -The South West

I have not travelled to every corner of the world but have done some travel and whenever I return home I think that living in Western Australia is possibly one of the most easy going laid back lifestyles!!

We have great beaches, the weather is mostly sunny, the population is not soo huge and at a little over 2 1/2 hours drive south most beautiful holiday destination ever, apart from perhaps Rotto!! (which is Rottnest Island located a 30min boat ride from Fremantle).

As a family we love going "down south" - it a time to hang out, take it easy, lunch at winery's, spend days at the where to stay  - well there a literally hundreds of holiday rental  - and the price range varies  -

All pics above a Yallingup Sublime - high season $1,000 per night
This pic & those below of Zen - Yallingup


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Colour My Day - SILVER

For the last few years we have used Silver as our Christmas colour - we have an old branch that we spray paint silver and then use a combination of silver and white decorations - but why wait till Christmas to enjoy silver in the house...

Via apartment therapy