Monday, August 30, 2010

Couch to 5km

During this winter I have lived in jeans, boots and a varying combination of cardigans and shirts that are lose and long to hide the extra (many) kilo's that seemed to have found their way to me - like a long lost friend.   I am looking froward to summer  - had some clothes made in Bali (we went in April and that seems like a whole life time ago), but realise that if I want to get into any of the current seasons gear that I will need to move to lose  - so back to the Couch to 5km for me.

Down load on the iPod  - there are sooo many running programs - I have found Robert Ullrey to be good.

This will be the second time around for me - I competed the 9 week program in  March  and really really enjoyed it- kicking myself now that I left it all go  - and not just the running!!!

And my new running partner - just to give me a little inspiration and motivation...

I am planning -  I WILL start the 9 week program on Monday 6th Sept 2010


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pakistan Floods

I was going to blog tonight about interiors I lust after or create a wish list of those much needed items - but then I saw the news and mention of the Pakistan floods.

The floods began in during the monsoon season and it is estimated that some 20 million people are homeless as a result of the flood - that is the total population of Australia.

And I was left me feeling somewhat selfish and ungrateful for what I have in light of the fact that over 20 million people in one nation have lost their homes, and are now struggling to obtain the very basics of life.  I am not on any moral high ground here - it is just that at times disasters happen and it is a real kick in the face to let you know that perhaps what you want can wait and that really when you look around you have soooo much to be grateful for  -  fresh clean running water, food in abundance on the table, family, a home, children who are healthy, .........

(unable to verify original author)


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Lets face it we have all been there - the inevitable trip to Ikea - kids not happy but perk up after a plate of meatballs, gravy & chips, husband just going because it is easier than staying at home and waiting for the your return and the post Ikea frustrations...but at times the trip is a must to purchase that absolutely needed item.. (well perhaps not so much needed .. but one can always justify)!

Ikea PS Maskros - Can see this in our lounge area

Today the boys and I have that trip planned (thank you Mr Tax man)  - I am wanting some pictures frames  - have so many beautiful cards and a few kids drawings that I would like to frame and then hang in a culster on the wall - love that eclectic look of so many art mediums coming together - bit of painting, typography, kids art  -  

This is what we have


This is what I am after..

Image courtesy of Houzz

Image via Houzz


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Work Today

(Image from the Hotels - London website)

As the sick child is no longer sick I am at work today - such a pity that my office is sooo not like this image - though I am fortunate to have a desk along the only window on the 1st floor!!

But today is a great day as it is the last work day of the week for me and my day of luxury as we have a cleaning wonder who visits our home while we are away and we return to this pristine clean abode - so must now get doing and make sure the house is tidy so that the cleaning wonder can clean. 

My other half is always perplexed about my need to tidy before the cleaning wonder comes .. 


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Never Alone - Lady Antebellum w Jim Brickman

Lady Antebellum is my new CFG (current fav group)!! 


Soldiers homecoming - get out the tissues

I am not really sure about the war in Iraq so this is not a political stance either way  - this is just a you tube video that shows soldiers coming home and surprising family - both hubby and I had tears !!!


Nothing Much

Gosh -sooo quite  - sick child sleeping, washing machine humming, bugger there goes the iron beeping at me as I have left it stationery tooo long..

I am really posting at the moment to get the hang of this blog stuff -  I have worked out how to include pic's in my post  - next will be music clips..

Wonder what is happening in the world as I blog ....


At home with sick child

I love this room!!   I am an avid fan of trawling the net and looking (dreaming , drooling ...) at the most beautiful homes - if only I could replicate in our house - which is a work in progress - slow progress.

Today I am at home with a sick child - which is not soo good as I think of all the the work at work that I need to do -  but it does allow me a little opportunity to post.

This blogging thing is not as easy as I thought - there is so much computer type language to get through - I actually thought that I was somewhat proficient on the computer-  but guess google search, word, excel and email is but the tip of the iceberg.

So for now I shall just post what I like and lets see how it all pans out.

Must get that ironing done!!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dinner and blogging don't mix

What to cook for dinner- I have for the last hour plus been trying to work out how to blog - and have realised that it is now dark outside- and alas dinner needs to be cooked - think a quick curry is in order - quick grind of spices, add garlic and onion, create some aroma then add the chicken - and voila it's done!!!  Well at least when I think about it it seems easy...

Okay enough of this working out this blog thing  - back to attending to the house!!

And I could spend time tonight having a crack of blogging - but I am a closet fan of Packed to the Rafters so shall be curled up on the couch getting a bit of TV time!!!

Till next time.


First Blog

For some time now I have been looking at blogs and wondering if I could ever attempt this - and here I am  - it will be a slow start but I have begun!!