Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Colour my day - with stripes

Okay so there are some hurdles to go before we can progress further on the new house - but that does not stop me from planning for the interior - and if I could be so brave I would decorate with stripes - perhaps in our master bedroom - behind the bed..or the kids room..okay perhaps being not as brave but still using stripes I can recover a chair.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home Open

We are over over over home opens - the market is very very slow and we have had enough of having the house spick and span - the kids are really over my OCD with the house - I  am in a clean neat trance - every time we leave the house I am like a mad woman   - cleaning - I vacuum every morning - but at some stage the house will be sold and we can then return to live a normal house existence - but until then I am to remain a possessed home owner!!

But it is short term pain, long term gain  - and I am really enjoying flicking through my mag's - getting endless ideas on kitchen layouts, bathroom tiles, flooring etc.. - some idea that I am kicking around..

The walk in robe   - love the mirror!

We have incorporate this for the kids bathroom - the wet area concept!
Image via content.agency.com

The deck area by our bedroom - this would be even better with a bath !!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend - I am on leave holiday with the kids at home next week - look forward to a less hectic week and just hanging out !!


Friday, July 8, 2011

The house came down

Sorry sorry sorry  - it has been sooo long since I last posted -life is busy - we are trying to sell the house, we are still negotiating the design of the new house I am working more, the kids have stuff all the time but life is good..several times I have sat down at the computer to write but alas my inspiration levels are low  -so with prompting from Mr A (he is on school hol's and we have survived our first semester of high school) - I am doing a post  - the first for three months - sorry it will not be rock your world stuff but I have at least begun again .. I actually enjoy the whole blogging thing - it is a creative outlet in an otherwise busy world - my little escape from reality...

Exciting news - okay we still have not sold our house  - which is a worry  - but that has not stopped the progress on the new block  -the house come down the other day .. it was pretty exciting - and the saving grace was that it was a wet rainy day so no dust on our house (we have brought the block next door to us).. it took less than 40min for the house to the completely wrecked -

We are seeing the builders today to finalise the plans - so once I have those I shall post - we really trying to look at how the house will work best for us  - this will be the third home we have built - so we are pretty clear on what works for us - but the budget is so so so tight - priorities  and compromise  is the build motto..

Have a great weekend.. school hol's start today two weeks of no school lunches and days at home..