Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Growing Up Poor

At times when I write this blog I do feel a little vacuous and selfish - I work in the welfare area so  I am quite in touch with how many families struggle to make ends meet, and I have worked with and seen first hand the effects of children themselves being abused as well as those who witness such abuse and violence in their every day lives.  So where I am going  - well last night on ABC (Aust Broadcast Network) Four Corners did a story on Growing up Poor    - I am well aware that I have a life that is enviable to more in the world than not and watching such a program does make me take stock of what we have and how we are in such an fortunate position.

I had Mr A(nearly 14yrs)also watch this - he is at the age where he does need to be a little less protected from the bad things in  the world and to begin to see(with parental guidance)that life is not all hot meals and security - and while he had no choice in his being brought into our family it is a time to recognise that having the latest iPhone or other such gadgets is  not a necessity and that having a stable secure home, where is is feed clothed, protected and loved is ten fold what many others in  the world have including many in Australia, which is considered a wealthy nation!!

Just my food for thought.

Here is the link to the program - not sure this this will work if you reside out side Australia - so my apologies:


Monday, September 24, 2012


Quite some time ago I posted about the bargain lights that I purchased at a Freedom Furniture closing down sale -the intention has always been to have them powder coated - but the dilemma now is what colour!!!  My initial thought was to go white  - but then that is so predictable and safe -  so now I am thinking  - a pop of colour !!  


Friday, September 21, 2012


Thank goodness it is Friday  - this has been a looong week!!

What have you got planned - tonight we have Mr Little's school disco - so much excitement in our household.  Probably more excitement that he is having pizza at the disco rather than actually attending the disco.

A weekend free from rowing (in fact rowing is finished until Oct- so no early mornings either!!) - which is great - Mr Little has a sleep over party and the love of my life has his 30th year school reunion so it is just Mr A and I on Saturday night -think we will have mum and son dinner out!

GOOOOD news  - the house is pretty much close to finished- only about 5 more weeks and we should get the keys  - the bathrooms are all tiled, the cabinet work all done, the ovens and stove tops should go today (which means the electrics are getting done) and next week the prep work for the driveway should be done as well and the plumbing and electrics finished- I am counting down the days.

So we will have Christmas at our house  - fingers are still crossed that we will have the pool finished but right now I don't care I am just wanting to move  (ask me if I feel the same if it is 370C  on Christmas day).

Shall post more pic soon.
(PS I really like the boys bathroom - the small strip or red mosaics looks great!)

Happy weekend

hmm - can see me lazing around the pool with G&T in hand!!


Sunday, September 9, 2012


We had the most beautiful start to the weekend - especially since I didn't work on Friday.   Mr Little had his school sports carnival and it was the most beautiful warm day.  Despite cheering their hearts out  gold faction came last.  As has been tradition with several parents at school there was mass descending on the local Macca's for a post athletics carnival treat - it has been probably a year since we went to Macca's and the cones are only 30cents - what a bargain.

So with yet another wonderful spring day to enjoy and with all my household chores completed yesterday we are out to lunch today in the hills. A little family run vineyard called Brookside - they do a great lunch and I am quite taken with the champagne they produce- though I am not sure you can call it champagne anymore was there not some change to sparkling wine or some such thing.  

So really what I was wanting to post was that spring is here - and it is great.  Which means that it will soon be summer and that means that we are getting closer to moving into our house.  I am so so so so looking forward to moving - the rental home has done its job but I am itching to get my home set up - there are some decorating purchases I have made this year that are just busting to be moved for the wardrobe to be displayed.  Not long I have to keep myself in check.

Okay I procrastinate just trying to avoid the last bit of ironing which I want to finish before we head out - also going to take in the local farmers market this morning before we head to hills.

My gosh a long post. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Friday, September 7, 2012

The house

The kitchen is in    - nothing fancy as the budget was tight but it looks great - the island bench is massive (1.5mts x 2mts) with enough room to prepare meals down one end and the boys do homework down the other - though we have a study area just behind the kitchen bench which will be used for the computer or  homework area  - but at 13 nearly 14 years Mr A is more inclined to study in his bedroom. 

It is soo soo great to see the house starting to take shape - so close but yet so much to still do....I want to just move in.

Double ovens and three cook tops with a 120cm range hood!!

the study desk - 4mts long!!  Love the high and low windows but they need to be changed - as do the other four down the hall way - they should open at the top and be fixed as the bottom but alas they were installed wrongly!!


Monday, September 3, 2012


OMG - it has been a while since I last blogged - my sincere apologies..where has the time gone .. work, kids, living seems to be busy - and along with a lingering cough and cold which then became pneumonia and I was out for the count for several weeks.. but on the mend and all is going well.

The house - well it is due to be locked up this week - funny thing the chippie was there on the weekend installing doors etc - and he hung the front door (a beautiful pivot door) and as he was leaving the house the door was locked - which is really really funny as they have yet to install the back doors  - so the house is locked at the front and completely exposed at the back!!!!  There has been some issues -the windows down the hallway have been installed wrongly - so the glazier has to come and take out the glass, the windows have to be changed and then the glazier has to re-install the glass - the back double sliding doors -well that  has to be remade and hopefully will be installed this week.  But despite all the problems the house is looking great - the hallway is magnificent  - wide, open, light and airy - it is big enough for a cricket match!!

Love of my life has some work to do - he is laying the floors inside (lovely wide dark dark oak boards) and wide jarrah boards for the deck - 

So the plan is that we will be in in early Dec and will be celebrating Christmas at our house with kids in pool!!! (Fingers crossed)
Back living & kitchen area - it is 34 meters  to the front door -

Back view with the pool to the left

Front area looking down the hall to the back