Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Things I like...No 23

Polished concrete...

I was keen to have polished concrete floors in the new house-  my thoughts were that we could throw some coloured rock and glass beads etc into the concrete pour - but the love of my life was not keen - and I have to say I did not quite appreciate the cost of polishing concrete floors - so we are having floor board but perhaps in the next house...

Meals'n'wheels... a nine-metre polished concrete bench grabs the eye in the kitchen, but dual use of the living area to show off classic cars is equally impressive.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I have a pet hate in homes - and that is the open plan bathroom - I could not stand to have the bathroom open onto the bedroom - I am not sure that I need to see the love of my life have a shower and more to the point to be woken up by blaring lights and the whirrr sound of the exhaust fan..not for me at all!!

Where is the wall and door for the bathroom???

There would never be any curry night with a bathroom like this!!

Nice room spoilt by the exposed bathroom

Friday, October 26, 2012

House update

So the waiting will have to continue - we are yet to have hand over on the house -which is really disappointing as I had planned to clean it this weekend and at least move in the laundry stuff and some of the kitchen surplus (platters etc that we will not use in the next few weeks ) - but alas - this is not to be - but lets look on the bright side I could now use the time to  try to have more packing done at the rental!!!

PS - we have a meeting at the house on Monday  - the final inspection and we now have the final bill to pay  - so fingers crossed we could have the keys by next weekend!!

Pressed tin

Years and years ago the love of my life and I were nearly on the verge of buying a home that was lined with pressed tin - it was everywhere -and it was beautiful - but for whatever reason this did not happen and I have no regrets (it was not in an area we wanted to be) but despite that I still fancy a little bit a pressed tin...
Via desire to inspire

Sophie & Dale from "the Block"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Houses for Sale - unfocussed pics!

I have mentioned before that I do have a little weakness for surfing the net especially real estate sites - and if you want to sell your home listing it on the internet would have to be a no brainer - but as they say first impressions last so I am continually dismayed that houses are so badly photographed - is there a discount on the agents fees when you agree to having dodgy photo's displayed!!!

Above two photo's for a house in Northcote, Melbourne - one the market for around the $1 mil mark and I have to squint  to have the photo's in focus!

12 Derry Lane, Mosman Park, WA 6012

12 Derry Lane, Mosman Park, WA 6012
Above tow home are for sale in Mosman Park WA - or over $2mil - think that for that price you could have had a clear pic!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cycling - the disgrace - my thoughts

This is not my usual post but I am on my soap box.

It is all on the news - and my first question is did he really think he could get away with it??  I have read Lance Armstrong's book - "It's not about the bike" - it was a book club book a few years ago and most of us did not finish the book with much admiration for Lance - in fact we had a sense that he could be a somewhat selfish person - but I understand that in elite sports you probably have to have some selfish traits and be very focused to push yourself to extremes - but what was he thinking - did he really think that he was that admired or that powerful and had such control of all his team mates that this would never get out??  What is saddest is that his achievements have now come to nothing.

I am riding my bike a bit more now as I try to park about 2km from work (free parking) and then ride the rest of the way - and my thoughts over the last few weeks have turned to Mr Armstrong and as I ride along the river, occasionally I see a dolphin, the sun shines down and I am taking in the fresh air - I think - Lance you silly boy!!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Martin Gomez Architects

For some architectural eye candy head over to Martin Gomez.  I love clean lines and the use of wood on exteriors.

Oh and good news - our house is pretty much ready  -the supervisor seems to think that we will have hand over next Friday - which is dead on schedule-  I am so excited like a child in a lolly shop - but then I look around our rental home and think PACKING!!!

I think that this will be the longest week for me....



I have discovered pinterest and am a little obsessed - it is an overload of visual images - and I am quite frustrated as there is so much that I want to try at home but alas while we are renting and as so close to moving I am really lacking motivation to pretty our rental home up  but there is a link so that you can follow me on pinterest - if any one in fact reads this blog!!! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The house

I have that soo close yet so far feeling - the house is almost done - just the final bits and bobs  - we are due to have hand over (where we get the keys) in about two weeks -then there is around a week of floor laying then the move - I am giddy with  anticipation - I go to sleep most nights visualising the spaces- how the living area will look, how our bedroom will be set up, how I am going to enjoy the cooking in the new kitchen, what I am going to make in an oven (well in fact two) that works - while the oven in the rental home is functional it only has one oven rack so I can only cook one dish a a time.  Just so you can see how it is all going here a a few snaps..

The kitchen stoves are great - they were a bargain - we were looking for a 120cm wide stove top but could not see any that we really liked - as we were walking out of the shop we spotted these Maytag stove tops - reduced from $899 to $199 each!!  they look really good - but the savings on the stove tops was then used on the rangehood as a 120cm wide rangehood was quite a significant cost(more than we thought) - but all is good.

love the ovens - splash back is actually large white gloss tiles!

Boys bathroom - the red mosaic strip looks brighter in real life
Again boys bathroom - love the wet area 
The orange front door
Closer view
That hallway - 34 meters from front door to back door!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Last day of school hol's - and dwell website

Okay not the last day for some - Mr A is one his way to school already and Mr Little is still fast asleep in bed  - Mr A is somewhat peeved - but he is also upbeat in that he will leave school earlier than Mr Little for the end of term!!! 

The last school term for the year - I think we counted 8.3 weeks - so really not that long  - and before the end of the school term we shall be in our new house - all is good.

I have a  habit of browsing the web and came across dwell  - the most fab homes!! 

Mr Little has just woke -we have one more day together before we hit the school routine - I am going to enjoy!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

The Block 2012

The Block wrapped up some months ago - but there is still one property one property waiting for a new owner-the charity house (well I think ti was some sort of charity thing??) that The Block gang renovated in something like three days. SO if you are in the market for a house in South Melbourne this could be the one...listed here while it lasts!!

A public holiday today - and the weather man has assured us that we are in for a wonderful sunny day - bring it on!!

You can't beat a white kitchen!

The cool Sophie and Dale bedroom