Monday, November 29, 2010

Too cool for school

Hello Monday - hoping that you all had a fun and laughter filled weekend.  I am still recovering from a very late Saturday night (or more to the point early Sunday morning).  So in the heat of Sunday and with little motivation to clean, iron and wash - I trawled the Internet and came across this house.

Wow  - not sure that I could live in the house but is it pretty cool - the whole thing of an indoor pool a few steps from my living area would do my head in  - I can only see eternal mopping action for me thanks to the kids splashing  - but this would be a pretty cool place to call  home..for a while at least (house is currently for sale and you can find it listed on in Darlinghurst,NSW.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jacaranda Festival

I love a blooming jacaranda tree - those beautiful purple flowers  - there is something so enchanting about driving down a street lined with flowering jacaranda's.

So today we are off to the Jacaranda festival in Applecross- a yearly event- it is full of crafts, food and general entertainment - a wonderful place to pick up a few Christmas gifts!!  

So if you are in Perth, Western Australia and reading this blog like now  - then get to the festival today  - you never know I might see you there!!

Enjoy your weekend!!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book Club Night

The last Thursday of the month is always book club - and this month I have read the book (Jasper Jone - Craig Silvey)  - but we are discussing two books and alas I have yet to finish the other book.

I enjoy book club  - it is more a female bonding type experience than any academic literary greats getting together.  As  a child I cannot remember my mum going off to book club, girls weekends, coffees with girlfriends  etc  but these things I take for granted - I enjoy time with girlfriends.  Not to say that I don't enjoy my family and love the time we all spend together.

I know that the boys love it when I go out-  time with dad   - they get some perks not often afforded when mum is at home - like bed time is a little later,  the clothes are left on the floor, they probably get to watch some TV   - and for me it is time away from my parental responsibilities - my time for me ..

Image of Jane Austin Book Club

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nearly Holidays

Can't believe that there is now only three weeks of school left - a little sad about this as Mr A moves to high school - he is soo ready to go and I am wanting to not let him go!!!  The pangs of motherhood!!

The months from October to January seem to be crazy - seems like there is always this dire need to fit into three months all the social interaction that you have not had in the winter months. But it is all good.

I love the warmer days, I delight in not having to put on a jumper all day and this is a house wife thing, but I relish that the washing will dry in a day!!!  Ahh and getting back to walking and being outdoors.

And being sooo close to the holiday's means we are now closer to Christmas - which means tree, decorations, presents, food...this year I plan on white and silver - wanting to get creative and make tissue paper pompom's (Martha Stewart make this look so easy)...


Monday, November 22, 2010

The Pantry

Okay so the weekend -I CLEANED OUT THE PANTRY -  I had been putting off the inevitable for some time - but at last I have now conquered the pantry!!!
Yep that there is the contents of our pantry  - packets of chips from various birthday parties tossed on the top shelf, too many bottles of tom sauce from sausage sizzles, canned tom's too many to count,  in fact I could feed a developing country for a good year on the contents of the panty - and this has all now been  organised!!! (my enthusiasm died about now when I realise the enormous task that lay ahead).

And my final moment of triumph ....drum roll please

Started at 6.15am  - break for a trip to the Farmers Market  - coffee and quick paper read  - then back to the sorting, cleaning and ditching. Time of completion 12.50pm

Though if I could change the layout I would like...

All Images via Houzz


Friday, November 19, 2010

The week has gone so fast

WOW - Friday already!!  We have a relatively quite weekend planned - kids swimming lessons after school, cricket tomorrow morning and then nothing - yes nothing is planned!!!  Don't get me wrong I love to socialise but I also love those weekends when nothing is planned - just hanging around the house - perhaps out for brekky - good old family time - or maybe a walk down to the local pizza bar  - ah yes and the mutt needs a walk - perhaps the beach is the best given the hot hot weather we expect..and the hot weather has got me dreaming about a pool...
still one of the coolest pools I have seen!!  Image via Andres Remy Architecture
image via
swim and pizza anyone??
Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monthly Movie Night

Monthly movie night tonight with the girls - not seeing anything that will get the grey matter working to it's maximum capacity but a good chance to escape and vegetate with good friends and then out for a wee nibble at a cafe somewhere in Freo - really life is pretty good.

And the movie choice for tonight is  - Life As We Know It - seems like a good girly flick with a few laughs.

But prior to getting to movie night I have a days work ahead, then organise the kids, one to cricket training, homework, have dinner ready and then, and then  - yes I am ready to go out!!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Hideously Hideous Ornaments

Starting the week on a high note as you can see..
There are some seriously seriously hideous ornaments out in the market place - and I often wonder who actually buys the stuff - but I guess someone must!!  Okay I am being a decor snob  - as the saying goes one man's trash is another man's treasure!!

One can only wonder WHY??
Seriously no comment!!

How can you resist - the ultimate in bathroom  hygiene!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

The weekend...

I love the early mornings  - especially on the weekend when it is less hectic - the house is quite and I can sit and have a cuppa and read the paper without a child begging for little selfish retreat.

So relish your weekend ...


Friday, November 12, 2010

Rest your head here

I have just realised that it has been sooooo long since I last posted,  like an eternity - life seems to be a merry go round that does not stop -and I have been tired lately  - like really tired that I could sleep for days just to catch up on sleep - and if I were to spend a lazy day in bed then here are a few spots that I could easily rest my head - 

But yes I do know that you cannot catch up on sleep - but perhaps the warmer weather forecast for next week is just what the doctor ordered  - lots of sunny days and I will will will have to get out and walk - so started today!!  Walked the kids to school and then the mutt and I had a long walk around the streets - damn it was good!!!

Seems like my 2010 resolution of getting organised has not really eventuated - so my promise for the rest of the year is to post on a more regular basis  - lets try to aim for three times per week - that is quite achievable around work, kids and home - cross my heart that is my promise -so shall see you all again in a few days - PROMISE!!