Monday, February 28, 2011

Amy Butler

I am not sure how and when I discovered Amy Butler and the beautiful fabrics she designs- but I have since discovery built up a small collection of various pieces of fabrics - - some I have made into cushions and the remainder I will one day make into a patch work quilt.

I love the images of her home - easy relaxed living and the most beautiful of fabrics, wallpaper and retro furniture.  I was for a time obsessed with all things Amy Butler -that has died down now but I would love to be able to create space like she does....

I had to buy this book..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moving Forward

Ages ago - like sometime last year - I blogged that we had put an offer on a block of land - well it is all going ahead.. the bank has approved the loan, so now we need to get going on a design.  We are limited by the block width -it will be 9.7mt wide  - but the length is 52 meters.  I have a concept which on paper looks great - we will work with this .. but we have so much to do to get our house ready to sell .. fun times ahead.. but I dream of the new home ..
outdoor living space

pool and pizza oven
open plan living and plenty of natural light
island bench is a must

Our budget is not big - so we will have to be very creative... I am sooo looking forward to building again (this will be the third house we build)  - shall keep you all posted..


Monday, February 21, 2011

Gaelle Le Boulicaut

If there is one talent I hanker after it is the ability to create spaces - I try but most times I don't quite seems to hit the mark!!  

So I look for inspiration and recently I googled (new cyber age wording which replaces stumbled) across the work of photographer Gaelle Le Boulicaut  - it is fantastic!! Taking the ordinary and then wow it turns into something wonderful.  So the story goes that at 15 Gaelle was given a camera by her father - not any old camera but a Rolleiflex and the rest as they say is history!! But the camera alone is not enough - her eye for creating is what is fantastic - perhaps by osmosis this will come to me if continue to look at her work!!!
Perhaps not the exact model but this is a Rolleiflex camera. 

 This would have to be the  coolest space !!

Images courtesy of

Friday, February 18, 2011

destination - Bali

Bali has always been popular with West Australian's  - at only three hours plane travel and with great cheap holiday packages it is sometimes cheaper to go to Bali then to travel to the other side of Australia.
Bali's appeal has probably increased in popularity since some woman wrote a book about her year of naval gazing and then this said book was made into a move staring Julia Roberts!!!

I enjoy Bali - the culture, the food, the relaxed lifestyle, and the people  - we have been a few times as family and favour the Seminyak area - we also like the idea of a villa style holiday than a big hotel but the accommodation so varied.

...Villa Sound of the Sea - located on the beach and is 25min away from Seminyak

Villa Kubu- located in the heart of Seminyak - at low season a one bedroom villa is a  reasonable $204 US dollars per night - so for a romantic few nights getaway it is not too bad (and flight from Perth WA are reasonable).. hmm our wedding anniversary is coming up soon?)

Have a great weekend.


Friday, February 11, 2011

destination - Argentenia

Check out this website -  Home Buenos Aires   - this is such hip, cool holiday accommodation!!  (and thank you Shazam I can find out what music is playing).  

The room decor is beautiful -love the use of the wall paper - and the garden and pool suites look to have an outdoor area - inspiration for your own home makeover..

Images via Home Buenos Aires website
Okay off to the travel agent I go... (DREAMING)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bi fold

We have small outdoor entertaining area - I am coming to terms with the fact that we cannot fit a pool in the area (even a small wee little pool) -  so I  have been dreaming of ways we can make the area and the house flow a little bit better- and really the  answer is to change the bank of windows to bi-fold doors - that way we have a blend of the outdoors & indoors and create a larger sense of space both in the house and also in the deck area...

via Jason doors and windows

above two images via home

Monday, February 7, 2011

Let the light hang down

I have an area at home that I know would look sooo good if only more inspired lighting was used - I am working on Mr Right to agree with me - this will take some time so until then I visualise the space with the just so light - a modern chandelier - not the gaudy old fashion type that have sooo many bits and bobs hanging down (and always seem to fall down in the movies..) - but a modern funky retro look chandelier.. some inspiration...

Really no words can explain!!!


Friday, February 4, 2011

destination - Goa, India

I am not sure that I really could travel all the way to India and then shack up in a luxury villa  -  I have soooo soooo many images of the poverty in India.  But if I were able to then Casa Do Rio is the top of my list !!
A megre  7,800 British pounds per week in the high get all this..

More my budget is Villa Sapna - at only 500 British pounds per night..

Welcome to Villa Sapna
Yes can see the boys frolicking in the pool and me in the lounger with a G&T!!
Run me a bath please...
Love the bedding..

Happy weekend - dreaming of exotic destinations......


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Colour My Day - GREEN!!

I don't mind color   - we have a lovely apple green wall in our kitchen  - sounds tacky but it works really well to give the white and stainless steel kitchen a lift- but I am a little it not bored with the color!!

But if I were brave enough and willing perhaps I could venture out in green ..

All above via

via abodelove.blogspot