Sunday, September 9, 2012


We had the most beautiful start to the weekend - especially since I didn't work on Friday.   Mr Little had his school sports carnival and it was the most beautiful warm day.  Despite cheering their hearts out  gold faction came last.  As has been tradition with several parents at school there was mass descending on the local Macca's for a post athletics carnival treat - it has been probably a year since we went to Macca's and the cones are only 30cents - what a bargain.

So with yet another wonderful spring day to enjoy and with all my household chores completed yesterday we are out to lunch today in the hills. A little family run vineyard called Brookside - they do a great lunch and I am quite taken with the champagne they produce- though I am not sure you can call it champagne anymore was there not some change to sparkling wine or some such thing.  

So really what I was wanting to post was that spring is here - and it is great.  Which means that it will soon be summer and that means that we are getting closer to moving into our house.  I am so so so so looking forward to moving - the rental home has done its job but I am itching to get my home set up - there are some decorating purchases I have made this year that are just busting to be moved for the wardrobe to be displayed.  Not long I have to keep myself in check.

Okay I procrastinate just trying to avoid the last bit of ironing which I want to finish before we head out - also going to take in the local farmers market this morning before we head to hills.

My gosh a long post. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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