Monday, September 3, 2012


OMG - it has been a while since I last blogged - my sincere apologies..where has the time gone .. work, kids, living seems to be busy - and along with a lingering cough and cold which then became pneumonia and I was out for the count for several weeks.. but on the mend and all is going well.

The house - well it is due to be locked up this week - funny thing the chippie was there on the weekend installing doors etc - and he hung the front door (a beautiful pivot door) and as he was leaving the house the door was locked - which is really really funny as they have yet to install the back doors  - so the house is locked at the front and completely exposed at the back!!!!  There has been some issues -the windows down the hallway have been installed wrongly - so the glazier has to come and take out the glass, the windows have to be changed and then the glazier has to re-install the glass - the back double sliding doors -well that  has to be remade and hopefully will be installed this week.  But despite all the problems the house is looking great - the hallway is magnificent  - wide, open, light and airy - it is big enough for a cricket match!!

Love of my life has some work to do - he is laying the floors inside (lovely wide dark dark oak boards) and wide jarrah boards for the deck - 

So the plan is that we will be in in early Dec and will be celebrating Christmas at our house with kids in pool!!! (Fingers crossed)
Back living & kitchen area - it is 34 meters  to the front door -

Back view with the pool to the left

Front area looking down the hall to the back


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