Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time to celebrate

Only 10 days till Christmas - the tree is up - its beginning to look alot like Christmas. Our school had Christmas Carols last night - lovely night with a picnic dinner and cheerful belting out of Christmas carols. While I dream of a white Christmas there is also something pleasant about Christmas entertaining done around the BBQ with the lovely sea breeze to keep us cool!!!

I have found, as probably most people have, that it is all in the wrapping - that cheap gift looks like a million dollars if the wrapping is just so. That well placed ornament and decoration around the home is so far more pleasing than a gaudy over decorated tree heaving with every ornament and bauble you have accumulated in your life .. this is the look I have tried to achieve.. (I did say try to achieve)
via Magnolia Gray
As above
as above
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as above
(the flaw in hanging pom pom's etc from the ceiling is that the alarm system does not like it!!!)


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