Thursday, December 2, 2010

SPACES - by frankie Mag

So after school and work we go to do our shopping- Mr A needs some special pens for school art so we stop in at the newsagents - as he is pondering of thickness of said pens I seem to be pulled to the interior/home design mag section - and what treasure do I discover  - SPACES by frankie magazine. Despite my own personal resolution that I would not under any circumstance purchase another interior design or home magazine or design book until the new year I now find myself at home with said magazine (oh to justify the purchase I did get Mr A some much needed and can't live without pens).

I have to say (another justification) this is a well priced book and is very much eye candy  - the homes are delightful - trying to re-create the spaces in our home is going to be a challenge - so for now I shall just be a voyeur into other lives.

Really sorry but my photo's do this little book no favours!!


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