Monday, November 22, 2010

The Pantry

Okay so the weekend -I CLEANED OUT THE PANTRY -  I had been putting off the inevitable for some time - but at last I have now conquered the pantry!!!
Yep that there is the contents of our pantry  - packets of chips from various birthday parties tossed on the top shelf, too many bottles of tom sauce from sausage sizzles, canned tom's too many to count,  in fact I could feed a developing country for a good year on the contents of the panty - and this has all now been  organised!!! (my enthusiasm died about now when I realise the enormous task that lay ahead).

And my final moment of triumph ....drum roll please

Started at 6.15am  - break for a trip to the Farmers Market  - coffee and quick paper read  - then back to the sorting, cleaning and ditching. Time of completion 12.50pm

Though if I could change the layout I would like...

All Images via Houzz


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