Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nearly Holidays

Can't believe that there is now only three weeks of school left - a little sad about this as Mr A moves to high school - he is soo ready to go and I am wanting to not let him go!!!  The pangs of motherhood!!

The months from October to January seem to be crazy - seems like there is always this dire need to fit into three months all the social interaction that you have not had in the winter months. But it is all good.

I love the warmer days, I delight in not having to put on a jumper all day and this is a house wife thing, but I relish that the washing will dry in a day!!!  Ahh and getting back to walking and being outdoors.

And being sooo close to the holiday's means we are now closer to Christmas - which means tree, decorations, presents, food...this year I plan on white and silver - wanting to get creative and make tissue paper pompom's (Martha Stewart make this look so easy)...


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