Friday, September 17, 2010

Sitting Room Dilemma!!

Thank goodness it is Friday - it has been a busy week  - and I am looking forward to some slow down time!!!

My project this weekend is getting the sitting room organised - it has been akin to a dumping yard for a while, ordered but just does not have the feeling or look that I want.  So tomorrow is clean out day!!  It is a room that needs to function as my study area, sitting room and second TV area.  It is a badly badly designed room (lesson learnt for out next home).

If my budget was not so restrictive I would go to town but this will be an exercise in reuse, reduce and recycle!!

But allow me to indulge in my sitting room fantasy...

Image via design is mine

Image via Decor Detective - James Merrell

Back to reality - school lunches to make, school sports today ...


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