Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid Week

How did Wednesday get here so quickly - one minute I am posting and it is Friday and I am excited about the weekend and then wham it's Wednesday  -  and I have neglected to post!!!!

(that little but much needed occurrence of work - needed for the sanity but does at times does interfere with other parts of life)

Two more sleeps and we have two weeks of school holidays - I love the holidays -no lunches, we have pj days which are just the best, picnic days, catching up with friends and just hanging out - oh and I get a little more time at home.

These hol's I am wanting to create a little more personality in the boys bedrooms - they have only recently gone into separate rooms  - after 6 years of sharing - Master A (11years) is very very excited- and Mr Little (6years, sorry nearly 7years) is struggling a bit with being on his own -  no only with lonely  bedtimes and no one to talk with but also the fact that he now has to clean up the room by himself!!

So idea for kids rooms -so many choices


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