Monday, August 30, 2010

Couch to 5km

During this winter I have lived in jeans, boots and a varying combination of cardigans and shirts that are lose and long to hide the extra (many) kilo's that seemed to have found their way to me - like a long lost friend.   I am looking froward to summer  - had some clothes made in Bali (we went in April and that seems like a whole life time ago), but realise that if I want to get into any of the current seasons gear that I will need to move to lose  - so back to the Couch to 5km for me.

Down load on the iPod  - there are sooo many running programs - I have found Robert Ullrey to be good.

This will be the second time around for me - I competed the 9 week program in  March  and really really enjoyed it- kicking myself now that I left it all go  - and not just the running!!!

And my new running partner - just to give me a little inspiration and motivation...

I am planning -  I WILL start the 9 week program on Monday 6th Sept 2010


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