Friday, September 19, 2014

The Block ..relaxing and eating areas

Bit behind the time with room reveals  - here are living spaces for  2014 ...

The judges were blown away by the built-in bookshelf in Michael and Carlene's living and dining room.
Like the shelling - we want this in our front area !!
The judges loved the curved TV but said it may have been mounted a little too high.
Shelf envy!
Scotty pointed out the judges were in no rush to leave Michael and Carlene's room.

Living and dining week delivered some seriously impressive living areas, like this one from Max and Karstan.
a little too cold for me but I like the clean lines 
Neale said he thought Shannon and Simon's living space didn't feel as high-end as the rest of the apartment.
So so and I didn't think the re do that great either and what is with the clothes line thing
They liked the timber feature wall in the living room.
yes to wood panel but again that clothes line thing -what was that!
While they liked Chris and Jenna's furniture choices, they felt it didn't work cohesively and the room lacked a soul.
I actually don't mind this
Initially the judges said Darren and Dee's living and dining space was "pretty" and "beautiful".
such a cliched look  - oh and lets add a Bromley!!!

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