Friday, September 7, 2012

The house

The kitchen is in    - nothing fancy as the budget was tight but it looks great - the island bench is massive (1.5mts x 2mts) with enough room to prepare meals down one end and the boys do homework down the other - though we have a study area just behind the kitchen bench which will be used for the computer or  homework area  - but at 13 nearly 14 years Mr A is more inclined to study in his bedroom. 

It is soo soo great to see the house starting to take shape - so close but yet so much to still do....I want to just move in.

Double ovens and three cook tops with a 120cm range hood!!

the study desk - 4mts long!!  Love the high and low windows but they need to be changed - as do the other four down the hall way - they should open at the top and be fixed as the bottom but alas they were installed wrongly!!


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