Friday, September 21, 2012


Thank goodness it is Friday  - this has been a looong week!!

What have you got planned - tonight we have Mr Little's school disco - so much excitement in our household.  Probably more excitement that he is having pizza at the disco rather than actually attending the disco.

A weekend free from rowing (in fact rowing is finished until Oct- so no early mornings either!!) - which is great - Mr Little has a sleep over party and the love of my life has his 30th year school reunion so it is just Mr A and I on Saturday night -think we will have mum and son dinner out!

GOOOOD news  - the house is pretty much close to finished- only about 5 more weeks and we should get the keys  - the bathrooms are all tiled, the cabinet work all done, the ovens and stove tops should go today (which means the electrics are getting done) and next week the prep work for the driveway should be done as well and the plumbing and electrics finished- I am counting down the days.

So we will have Christmas at our house  - fingers are still crossed that we will have the pool finished but right now I don't care I am just wanting to move  (ask me if I feel the same if it is 370C  on Christmas day).

Shall post more pic soon.
(PS I really like the boys bathroom - the small strip or red mosaics looks great!)

Happy weekend

hmm - can see me lazing around the pool with G&T in hand!!


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