Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Growing Up Poor

At times when I write this blog I do feel a little vacuous and selfish - I work in the welfare area so  I am quite in touch with how many families struggle to make ends meet, and I have worked with and seen first hand the effects of children themselves being abused as well as those who witness such abuse and violence in their every day lives.  So where I am going  - well last night on ABC (Aust Broadcast Network) Four Corners did a story on Growing up Poor    - I am well aware that I have a life that is enviable to more in the world than not and watching such a program does make me take stock of what we have and how we are in such an fortunate position.

I had Mr A(nearly 14yrs)also watch this - he is at the age where he does need to be a little less protected from the bad things in  the world and to begin to see(with parental guidance)that life is not all hot meals and security - and while he had no choice in his being brought into our family it is a time to recognise that having the latest iPhone or other such gadgets is  not a necessity and that having a stable secure home, where is is feed clothed, protected and loved is ten fold what many others in  the world have including many in Australia, which is considered a wealthy nation!!

Just my food for thought.

Here is the link to the program - not sure this this will work if you reside out side Australia - so my apologies:


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