Thursday, September 23, 2010

What a day (s)

We have had the most beautiful of weather since spring started - the days are lovely and sunny - if I could capture the feeling of spring it would be right now - doors all open, sun warming my face, washing fresh on the line - which then has me hankering for being outside and the summer days to come and OMG the garden.

The winterness is still in our garden - weeds to be tamed, garden beds to be updated, and the deck needs to be stained again. We have a small outdoor area - our little bit of lawn and deck - this year we are going to (that is the royal WE - hubby does the hard yards - I provided the vital encouragement) build seating around the deck which will double as storage. We did have a day bed, plumb pillows and many a day spent lazing but alas on day at work and not putting away the cushion and our four legged family member destroyed all remnants of any plump cushions!!

Oh and also on my to do list and if budget permits a pizza oven.

But the warmer weather has come and lifted my spirits.



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