Friday, September 3, 2010

Shopping At Fishpond

Fishpond   - a book store at the click of the mouse.   I could spend (okay I did) some time browsing various titles, excitment building as I discovered books that I had been hankering over for years - my wish list seemed to magically double at the click of that mouse!!

The down side is that you cannot flick through the book and make a really informed decision about your impulse purchase, but that is also the upside as you eagerly await your books arrival.

So my purchase this week was a double - 

According to  a number of websites Domino promises to become a decor bible - my constant source of guidance, inspiration and excitment!!   (I am aware of the magazine and have only seen various pages online so really looking forward to having the real deal in my possession).

And my second purchase was really a visual decision  - I liked the cover and thanks to Amazon I have able to see the contents of the book - looks good, and the reviews have stated it contains all the information and advice I  need to furnish and decorate our home with "found" objects instead of new items bought in stores.  (Though unfortunately my home found objects never seem to extend to the Panton or Eames pieces of furniture lying about!!)

Okay one of the down sides about ordering on line is that I have to wait  - but Patience is a Virtue and one that I should practice more often than I do.


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