Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It begins today!!!

It begins today - for a while now I have been thinking I need to get fit, I need to lose weight and I need to feel healthy - but I always find some excuse to not go for walk or have that extra piece of brownie!  But that all stops today  - I feel sluggish, heavy and really unhealthy.  I am a candidate for diabetes, due to my weight and I do worry that my heart has to work extra hard. But no more.  I don't do new year resolutions  -wrong I do but never stick to them - they are always very specific but this year I made the years resolution for happiness and health - so that where I'm headed.

Love the green smoothie in the morning - favourite is banana, spinach and avocado with a little bit of water - sometimes chia seeds  - and my all time favourite fresh spring rolls with plenty of mint and coriander with chicken.  

So it begins today!


Avocado and Chicken Spring Rolls-1
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