Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Block Glasshouse...

I broke my ankle a week and a half ago  - so for a week I was in a cast only able to use one leg and I felt really miserable - at the same time Mr Little had a broken arm.  It was difficult but we got through it all and while I still have to walk with a moon boot and Mr Little is still in plaster we are all okay, it was but a temporary bump in life's journey.  The point is that during this time I watched a bit of TV which included the Block Glasshouse - and I was irritated, really irritated.

I know in a rational frame of mind that this is a TV show and they cut and edit so they have a show - but seriously folks why tears and drama  - you are not saving the world, you are not finding a cure for cancer, you are not helping the sick and dying - you are on a TV show in the hope that you can win some money and also cash in your 15 minutes of fame. 

Life is probably okay for you that you can given up your job, your  life and for some the care of children for 3 months. (Yes I understand you are doing it for the family and possible financial security).   So please don't whinge and whine about having to paint all night, the stress of having to pick furniture, sheets, towels art work - really makes you sound quite vacuous and selfish.  Perhaps think of the world as a bigger picture  - stress is not being able to find a place to sleep at night, a meal to fill your stomach, the ability to keep you and your family safe!
Rant over.

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