Friday, May 24, 2013

The House

So where are things at  - we are pretty much settled in  - but like all new builds lots that we still want to finish -like the front garden, the side garden, painting, changing lights etc  - but those are all cosmetic things the house works well and we are really happy!

We have bought some new kitchen chairs - we had replica Eames chairs however they just fell apart  - I was keen to purchase the Tolix chairs, however the love of my life spotted these when we walked into the shop (go-go furniture) and came home with 10!! (In fact the chairs had just landed on the showroom floor - we took all the 10 samples!!) They are great - the most comfortable chair and such a great pop of colour in the back kitchen/living area!!  The photo is not great but you get the concept... once I am more organised I shall take some better snaps!!!

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