Thursday, April 26, 2012

House update

It has been a while since I last posted about the house - being because not much has happened!!

But we have had some movement - we spent two weeks in Bali (great holiday more about that later)and during this time we have had the retaining  walls completed, the wall for the pool done and the pad somewhat mapped out - so this week the plumbing is to be completed with the view to a slab being down next week - it will be great to see the actual footprint of the house - right now it is one big area -the massive space is housing two homes and to get some definition on that space will be good. (the width of each block is 9.7mts wide)

If all goes according to my plans than we should be having a very merry Christmas in the new home and enjoying the pool over the summer holidays!  

Shall try to upload some plans soon.

Bobcat ready for action.

Dirt pile done - the middle wall is the divide between the two pools.

The left side (west) will be our home - pool wall done now need to render!
The back yard will be small but with a deck and sail shade structure it will be great!

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