Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Long way down

Okay I should have some preamble about the fact I have not blogged for such a long time until recently but you know I think that I am a spasmodic blogger - life just gets in the way  - school work kids husband friends etc - and I don't meaning "in the way" as a negative but we just live life and so I get consumed with other stuff.  Mu point is I have no excuses for my spasmodic blogging and I have decided that this year I shall try to blog when I can  - which will be this amount - how long is a price of string??

So...Our new house has a hallway that is 23 meters long - at the widest it will be over 2.5 meters wide!!! So it is a whopping hallway and the kids are looking forward to skidding down with socks on!!  The hallway is on the western side of the block - so it will bear the brunt of the arvo sun - but we have the windows at varying heights to have maximum light without hopefully having the hot hot summer sun - and with a 31 course ceiling there is height so we can add fans!!   So the space will be light and long!! But how do you decorate such a massive space ..


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