Friday, October 14, 2011

Where has the time gone

OMG - it has been ages since I last posted - and so much has happened!!

OUR HOUSE SOLD - okay we had to take a drop in price but in this market just to sell has been great!!  

We are now in a rental home - location is great for the kids schools and we were able to also have our loyal four legged family member live with us - there are a lot of rental homes that do not take pets!!  So all in all it is good - unfortunately the house does not have air con - it is two storey with no eaves - crazy in an Australia climate!!  It is also without a dishwasher which has been a little blessing in disguise - it has created opportunity for more family time -we all do the dishes together after dinner!!

The new house - plans in at council - the Planning Authority have given the green light to the sub division down the middle so we will have a long narrow block!!  Finances or lack of mean we are not able to build a two storey home but I am excited about the home that we have designed - the hallway from front door to where the living are begins is 21mt long and at it narrowest just over 2.2mt wide - so a pretty impressive space!!!  Flooring is still being negotiated - I would love dark flooring - we are looking at either cork or bamboo - jury is still out on that one.  Kitchen - WHITE obviously both the dilemma is oven - large free standing or two ovens (60cm) and a separate cook top???  

But all is progressing and now it really is wait and wait and wait for council and the other authorities to do there thing!!!

In the meanwhile more inspiration for the interior  -

Our door table - surrounded with tolix chairs in orange
Love the colours - feminine without being flowery!!
Colour for the boys bathroom!!

Oh and school hol's are nearly at an end - I love the holiday's - jut hanging in out with the kids - some days just doing nothing but hanging -I think that today we will see it we can met up with LOML (Love of my Life) and have lunch - the boys love meeting up with either of us on work days and having lunch - and I have to say there is nothing better than to beat the work day blues than having lunch with the family !!

Enjoy the weekend - I am planing to make a little garden in our rental home - just at the front door  - just to give it a little happy home feel!!

Oh and it is LOML birthday so we are having a wee little BBQ with friends!!



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