Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home Open

We are over over over home opens - the market is very very slow and we have had enough of having the house spick and span - the kids are really over my OCD with the house - I  am in a clean neat trance - every time we leave the house I am like a mad woman   - cleaning - I vacuum every morning - but at some stage the house will be sold and we can then return to live a normal house existence - but until then I am to remain a possessed home owner!!

But it is short term pain, long term gain  - and I am really enjoying flicking through my mag's - getting endless ideas on kitchen layouts, bathroom tiles, flooring etc.. - some idea that I am kicking around..

The walk in robe   - love the mirror!

We have incorporate this for the kids bathroom - the wet area concept!
Image via

The deck area by our bedroom - this would be even better with a bath !!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend - I am on leave holiday with the kids at home next week - look forward to a less hectic week and just hanging out !!


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