Monday, February 21, 2011

Gaelle Le Boulicaut

If there is one talent I hanker after it is the ability to create spaces - I try but most times I don't quite seems to hit the mark!!  

So I look for inspiration and recently I googled (new cyber age wording which replaces stumbled) across the work of photographer Gaelle Le Boulicaut  - it is fantastic!! Taking the ordinary and then wow it turns into something wonderful.  So the story goes that at 15 Gaelle was given a camera by her father - not any old camera but a Rolleiflex and the rest as they say is history!! But the camera alone is not enough - her eye for creating is what is fantastic - perhaps by osmosis this will come to me if continue to look at her work!!!
Perhaps not the exact model but this is a Rolleiflex camera. 

 This would have to be the  coolest space !!

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