Friday, January 7, 2011


The Emeco 1006 chair, also called the Navy chair, is an aluminium chair.  Developed in the 1940's it build like the proverbial brick house  - the design brief was that the chair needed to be able to withstand a torpedo blast to the side of a destroyer!!! (sounds more like a child's toy design than a chair). 

So the story goes the chairs so durable that apparently  when it was thrown out of a sixth-floor window at a Chicago furniture show, it survived undamaged except for a few scratches!!

I did some research on the chair and was going to dazzle you with my sheer intellectual force - but alas really the only thing that can be said is that this is one sexy chair  - even the worst meal ever served to you could be edible if you dined sitting in the Navy chair!

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