Thursday, March 17, 2011


Oh my golly - soo soo close - we are due to settle on the new block in a matter of days - we have our house on the market and the first home open will be next weekend - but still so so so much to do  - we have plans being drawn up for the new house - so I am really excited to have a look see!!

And while I excite in the prospect of choosing fittings and fixtures in the forefront of my mind is the continuing devastation for those in Japan - the threat of the nuclear plants exploding - and when you put all that in place - it seems vacuous that I am worrying about kitchen colors!!!  

No I can't stop life going one but I am conscious that I need to cherish what I have, don't sweat the small stuff, stop to smell the roses and laugh, live and love each day!!

Japanese Cherry Blossom

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