Friday, March 25, 2011

Destination -London

I love London - not sure I could live there full-time - I think the cold winter would depress me  - but I love the fast pace of life, and the architecture - the mix of the old and new  - so where would I stay - I am not a fan of stuffy stays but if you could the Ritz would have to be high on the list  - 

Okay this if far to stuffy for me.
But a wee search of the net and I have found this gem - Naoroji St - how cool is this -  the decor is too cool for school, a view of the London eye  - I can picture myself now... 

Enjoy the weekend - we have an open air movie night at the kids school  - given the lingering hot weather we are having it will be a beautiful night!!  In fact I am wondering how we can incorporate a white wall in the outdoor area of the new house that will do double duty as a movie screen .. where there is a will..which brings me to tell you all the settlement for the block is today at 3pm - this is both exciting and stressful - for a while until we sell our house our mortgage will be extreme - but my chant is "short term pain long term gain". (and our first home open is tomorrow - thank goodness that I attacked most areas last weekend - just the fluffing around stuff to, last minute sweep and mop, beds made, scented candles..


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