Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A touch of being feminine

Okay - I am not a pink floral flounce type of girl - but at times I hanker after a soft feminine touch for our home - I am the only female in our house - even our four legged family member is male !!

So we are currently doing a wee pit of painting  - the kids play room is now all white - and  I am eager that  we paint the front room  - that would be the Royal We - I am eager but hate painting so my one true love does the painting - see I get bored half  way though painting and then begin to paint sayings and pictures on the wall which really is not a good thing...

No argument on the wall color  - white it will be  - but how to inject a sense of femininity into the room  - which double as my study area and a second TV room complete with the Wii - but how do I do this???

Perhaps a touch of pink is the go.. 

Via Home in Furniture

Via  A Beach Cottage

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Via Pink is the New Religion

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