Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book Club Night

The last Thursday of the month is always book club - and this month I have read the book (Jasper Jone - Craig Silvey)  - but we are discussing two books and alas I have yet to finish the other book.

I enjoy book club  - it is more a female bonding type experience than any academic literary greats getting together.  As  a child I cannot remember my mum going off to book club, girls weekends, coffees with girlfriends  etc  but these things I take for granted - I enjoy time with girlfriends.  Not to say that I don't enjoy my family and love the time we all spend together.

I know that the boys love it when I go out-  time with dad   - they get some perks not often afforded when mum is at home - like bed time is a little later,  the clothes are left on the floor, they probably get to watch some TV   - and for me it is time away from my parental responsibilities - my time for me ..

Image of Jane Austin Book Club

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