Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pakistan Floods

I was going to blog tonight about interiors I lust after or create a wish list of those much needed items - but then I saw the news and mention of the Pakistan floods.

The floods began in during the monsoon season and it is estimated that some 20 million people are homeless as a result of the flood - that is the total population of Australia.

And I was left me feeling somewhat selfish and ungrateful for what I have in light of the fact that over 20 million people in one nation have lost their homes, and are now struggling to obtain the very basics of life.  I am not on any moral high ground here - it is just that at times disasters happen and it is a real kick in the face to let you know that perhaps what you want can wait and that really when you look around you have soooo much to be grateful for  -  fresh clean running water, food in abundance on the table, family, a home, children who are healthy, .........

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