Saturday, August 28, 2010


Lets face it we have all been there - the inevitable trip to Ikea - kids not happy but perk up after a plate of meatballs, gravy & chips, husband just going because it is easier than staying at home and waiting for the your return and the post Ikea frustrations...but at times the trip is a must to purchase that absolutely needed item.. (well perhaps not so much needed .. but one can always justify)!

Ikea PS Maskros - Can see this in our lounge area

Today the boys and I have that trip planned (thank you Mr Tax man)  - I am wanting some pictures frames  - have so many beautiful cards and a few kids drawings that I would like to frame and then hang in a culster on the wall - love that eclectic look of so many art mediums coming together - bit of painting, typography, kids art  -  

This is what we have


This is what I am after..

Image courtesy of Houzz

Image via Houzz


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