Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mr A's first job - Bread in Common Fremantle

When I first started this blog Mr A was 11 years old!!  He is growing into a lovely young man -kind, considerate and great to have a chat with  - and today he starts his first real part time job - he has done babysitting gigs before and helped alot at the local farmers market -at one time he had a stall making cakes and selling pre packaged cake mixes all done by himself - but today has a paid job being the juicer at a local Freo joint, Bread in Common.  

Bread in Common is just groovy as - the place is always packed and they bake a fantastic loaf of bread  - and the food is sensational - the love and my life and I went recently for our wedding anniversary. 

The building was an old warehouse in Freo and when it came on the market I bought several lotto tickets in hope of a large financial  windfall then we could buy the joint - but alas that was not to be - but no worries we still get to enjoy the place on a regular basis  - when you do go down have the lamb it is sensational. 

The bread  (and home made butter)
Front counter - take away sandwiches and coffee
Bread  - the bread ovens are called Hansel and Gretel and I am proud to say the love of my life had a big hand in the design an building of the ovens
The bar-  I think that this is where Mr A will be working the juicing machines
At night - the lights are lovely  - very whimsical 

always always busy 

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