Monday, December 31, 2012

House update

We are in and settled but still have heaps to do - unpack more boxes, painting, garden etc etc  -but that does not have to be done hear and now (though it would be sooo good to click your fingers and it was done..)  - we are staying put in this house for a few more years .. Christmas disappointment is that we did not have a pool ready   - in fact we are still waiting for that - I am hoping that perhaps the pool will be finished before the boys go back to school on  Feb 4th - this is the view from the kitchen/ dining /living ...

decking done - need the pool people to do their work so the gabion wall can be completed -the orange mesh is for  the gabion wall

Fencing will be glass

Pool side of the jarrah fence will have decking and hooks for towels etc

The deck - in progress - the temp clothes line as the access down the side of the house is needed  - clothes line will relocate once the pool people has done their work!!
Where the pile of dirt is will be lawn

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