Friday, November 16, 2012

The house...

We will be moving next Saturday - was hoping to have a few days off work before the move and then a few days after but alas that is not going to happen due to being a staff down at work (but the upside is that the staff member is leaving and so many staff are pleased to see this person go) - so the next week will  be hectic - the floors are nearly down -  should all be done by Sunday arvo - they look fantastic,  photos do not do justice... and I have to say that I am very proud of the love of my life - he has never laid floor before!!!

We have a weekend of packing and getting ready to move  - the love of my life is finishing the floors  -and in between we have flippa ball (junior water polo) for Mr Little and 5am rowing for Mr A on Saturday  - but all is good.

Enjoy your weekend.


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