Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cycling - the disgrace - my thoughts

This is not my usual post but I am on my soap box.

It is all on the news - and my first question is did he really think he could get away with it??  I have read Lance Armstrong's book - "It's not about the bike" - it was a book club book a few years ago and most of us did not finish the book with much admiration for Lance - in fact we had a sense that he could be a somewhat selfish person - but I understand that in elite sports you probably have to have some selfish traits and be very focused to push yourself to extremes - but what was he thinking - did he really think that he was that admired or that powerful and had such control of all his team mates that this would never get out??  What is saddest is that his achievements have now come to nothing.

I am riding my bike a bit more now as I try to park about 2km from work (free parking) and then ride the rest of the way - and my thoughts over the last few weeks have turned to Mr Armstrong and as I ride along the river, occasionally I see a dolphin, the sun shines down and I am taking in the fresh air - I think - Lance you silly boy!!  

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