Monday, June 11, 2012

The Block again..

What a wild and windy night we have had - tree down, roofs blown  away, fences down - and the drive to rowing this morning (at 5.20am) was like being on a dodgem track - trying to miss the branches that lay across the road.  My mantra after I dropped off Mr A to rowing  was "no raining while they are training" and I am pleased to report it would look like not a drop in the last hour and half so I am pleased.

So what about the block last night???  I liked both the rooms that Sophie and Dale and Brad and Lara presented and in fact also Dan and Danni.  But I am not a fan of Dan and Danni  - yes I know that the producers need a villain but even if half the stuff was staged it still does not really show Danni in a great light - yes it is a competition  - I am not liking her smugness!!  And as for the "we don't care what people think" - well yeah you probably do.

But what about the rooms that both S&D and L&B have bespoke furniture.

Brad and Lara's living and dining room

Brad and Lara's living and dining room
all above Brad and Lara

Dani and Dan's living and dining room
Dan and Danni

Sophie and Dale's living roomSophie and Dale's living room

Sophie and Dale's living room
all above Sophie and Dale

love the lights

Enjoy a wintery Monday


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