Thursday, March 15, 2012

Washing and ironing

I am not sure if there are many people who find the daily grind of washing and ironing enjoyable - for some reason my family cannot seem to get the concept of a laundry basket - apparently the floor is good a place as any to leave all clothes - be they clean or dirty!! Mister A has taken to cleaning up his clothes by shoving - and I mean SHOVING - the clothes into his dresser drawers!!  

Our laundry in the new house is not huge but will have enough storage and we will add an extra bench (cheaper to do after build??)  -   I do though hanker after a bigger laundry space - a very illogical desire but I have dreams of being highly organised - with neat lines of laundry all stacked away  - the linen cupboard organised and labelled  - and the laundry basket at some time during the week empty (okay perhaps that is taking the dream too far).


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