Monday, October 17, 2011


Okay - I want one - not sure why but just do.  I read in bed - like a nightly ritual I can't get to sleep until I have read - but books are expensive and while I frequent our local library I never seem to find the book I want - so in the world of instant gratification the iPad would help - I find my ebook,  download and within minutes I am reading - plus the added bonus of having not wiped out a rainforest for one book(so here goes for justification - this is an environmentally friendly device - okay lets not look at the environmental impact of the actual production of the device!!).  
But (always a but), I really am not sure about sitting in bed  reading from  the iPad -I like the feel of a book - there is also something homely about a house with bookshelves heavy with literature!!
And on the subject of readers,  which I am, there are now a thousands ebook readers - the choice is confusing - so perhaps in the meantime I shall just stick to the tried and tested printed material..

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